Real estate search and presentation
Travel to Portugal
Visits’ Planning
Selection of properties


Real Estate Services (at least 3 days)

  • Airport pick-up
  • Visit properties selected (up to 6)
  • Visit neighborhoods
  • Legal procedures (last day)

Real Estate Negociation Choose Properties (at least 2)

  • Negotiation
  • Price Proposal
  • Documents due diligence
  • Sale Promise Agreement
  • Deed

    Real Estate Concierge

    • Electric water and gas supply contracts
    • Représentation at condominium meetings
    • Représentation at public offices
    • Decoration and Furniture
    • Maintenance
    • Rental (long term short term)

    Support on Investment

    • Business plan for real estate
    • Architectural and Engineering design and planning
    • Construction company
    • Supervision and monitoring
    • Costs control
    • Follow up (pictures, film, meetings etc.)